Welcome to Listeners in Rawlins!

Nov 1, 2012

Rawlins – Just the name invokes images of cowboys, cattle drives, and rustic western ways!  But the real Rawlins has so much more, like the Jubilanté Ensembles, Main Street Murals, and the Carbon County Museum. For travelers, Rawlins is a small Wyoming town and a welcoming respite along I-80, particularly when the roads are closed.  For me, Rawlins is a town I knew decades before I actually saw it.  Back in the 1960’s my father travelled from Denver to Rawlins many times for a company where he worked.  So when I visited it last year for the first time, it brought back memories.  But now, my most vivid thought of Rawlins is its friendly people, and particularly one resident.  Her name is Sherril, and she’s a retired schoolteacher who volunteers to answer phones during our WPM fund drives.  Every fund drive she arrives with a very special friend – Sir Winston Churchill Norman.  Sherril diligently answers phones and converses with donors, while Sir Winston entertains the volunteers, staff, and if we let him – he’d be happy to bark into the mic.

That’s my story of Rawlins. I encourage you to share your stories of the cities and towns we visit on Best of Wyoming.  Just post a comment below, and tell us about Wyoming from YOUR perspective.