Western Governors Want Renewable Energy

Santa Fe, New Mexico – The Western Governors' Association has approved a resolution
calling for the West to capitalize on its diverse and abundant
resources of renewable energy. That ranges from solar and wind
power to geothermal and biomass.
The group is wrapping up a three-day meeting in Santa Fe, New
Mexico, today (Tuesday).
The governors want to develop 30-thousand megawatts of so-called
clean energy in the West by 2015 and increase the energy use
efficiency by 20 percent by 2020.
About one-thousand homes can be served by one megawatt of
Colorado Governor Bill Owens, who was elected chairman of the
group, says it'll be up to states and governors to implement
renewable energy policies.
Interior Secretary Gail Norton spoke to the governors and
stressed that domestic production of natural gas also must be
increased along with other traditional sources of energy.