Whitewater Park – Green River

Jul 30, 2013

At Expedition Island Park, made famous by the launching point of John Wesley Powell’s historic expedition of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in 1869, you will find an amenity for floating river users and swimmers of a wide range of abilities. The Whitewater Park and North Channel Tubing projects were completed in the summers of 2008 and 2009. These projects have enhanced the river that splits and surrounds the island.  In the north river channel, directly adjacent to the City’s outdoor splash park, the City created a 1,200 feet long lazy river/tubing channel. The channel features a series of 4 – ½ foot drops and 3 large pools. The 4 feet deep pools provide gentle currents suitable for swimming and wading while the drops provide excitement for tubers and beginning level canoers and kayakers. It is not uncommon to see over 30 patrons in the North Channel and along the terraced beach area on a given summer day.

In the main river channel, the City has completed construction of a state of the art whitewater park and play feature. The Castle Falls Feature is located at the south east tip of Expedition Island Park adjacent to one of the City’s well placed picnic shelters. This high powered feature caters to intermediate and advanced kayakers, rafters and river runners. Because of the variability in seasonal Green River flows, a series of 8 gates allow adjustment in performance of the whitewater feature in real time. The gates are operated with compressed air to provide a tuned whitewater experience to meet user needs and wishes.

For more information visit the City of Green River Recreation Department .