Wild horse round-up will attempt to reduce two herds

Rock Springs, Wy – The Bureau of Land Management is set to round up wild horses in Sweetwater County next week. The agency will remove many of those horses in an attempt to reduce the size of two herds by more than 60 percent. The B-L-M last gathered horses from the Adobe Town and Salt Wells herds four years ago. B-L-M officials say that, since then, the size of the herds has grown to more than 2400 horses. Spokeswoman Sarah Beckwith says the round-up could take as long as six weeks.
"They will be sorted by sex and age. Some of the females will then be treated with the fertility control. About 100 mares we're expecting to treat with fertility control. And then those mares will be returned to the range."
Most of the horses the B-L-M gathers will be taken to a facility in Colorado, or another near Rock Springs, where they will be prepared for adoption.