Wildlife Trust awards $9 Million for conservation projects

Nov 23, 2012

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust has awarded about nine million dollars in grants for conservation projects around the state. The projects range from river restoration projects to conservation easements, where landowners bar future development on their property.

Bob Budd with the Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust says two particularly interesting projects are being done with the help of energy companies. Shell Oil is working on sage grouse habitat near Farson, and around Wamsutter, BP is aiming to e

nhance wildlife habitat in general.

“They’re helping to provide water for wildlife and livestock out there in the Wamsutter country – obviously creating oases in the desert,” Budd said. “And that’s another good project that shows how cooperation has evolved between industry and wildlife advocates in the state of Wyoming.”

Budd says the projects they’ve selected for funding should help preserve Wyoming’s open spaces, restore crucial habitats, and help keep animals, including sage grouse, off the Endangered Species List.