Wind energy boom appears to have slowed

May 14, 2012

    Wyoming Governor Matt Mead admits that interest in wind energy has cooled off for a bit,  but he hopes things will turn around soon. 

One issue is the failure of Congress to extend the wind energy tax credit, but the governor is also concerned about Wyoming’s wind tax policy.  He says he hoped the legislature would approve a tax on wind generation, but lawmakers cannot reach an agreement on that legislation.

“We are gonna take another run at it this session to try to have a tax policy that provides what it should to the counties to the locals and to the state.  But at the same time is not prohibitive.  And right now we have a huge up front tax for these wind companies which makes it very iffy for financing. ”

Mead says he remains optimistic that the state will find a buyer for all of its electricity generation.  So far talks have not gotten far, but he is especially hopeful that Wyoming officials can work out a deal with California.