Wind expert: Gore's challenge poses huge challenge

Laramie, Wyo. – An expert on wind energy at the University of Wyoming says the country will need an intense investment in technology to meet Al Gore's renewable energy challenge.

Gore said Thursday that the U-S should get one hundred percent of its electricity from sources like wind and solar in ten years.

Jonathan Naughton directs the Wind Energy Research Center at the University of Wyoming.

"You can think of the Manhattan project, you can think of putting a man on the moon, as equivalent types of challenges. This one may actually be harder."

Still, he's glad to hear such an ambitious goal.

"The amount of investment in energy research has been very low historically, compared to the investment in the aero-technology industry," Naughton says. "This may be a case where industry is leading the way, but that, certainly as a nation, we're very good at developing technology and responding to great challenges like this."

Naughton says it would take serious improvements in current renewable energy technologies to achieve Gore's vision.