Wind farms create a few permanent jobs

Laramie, Wy – At the beginning of the wind symposium last week Governor Freudenthal asked the wind industry to create jobs in Wyoming. That is happening in some places already. In Converse County three wind farms started operating in December. County Commissioner, Ed Werner, says the construction of the farms was all part of a single project and that did not lead to any permanent jobs in the county, but maintenance of the project will. "I think it is around ten jobs I think they were anticipating at that project and that's pretty good. They're good paying jobs. Ten new people in town, or ten people who were underemployed or otherwise poorly employed can step into those jobs. That's always good."
Werner says in his county alone there is already another wind farm under construction with more building likely to happen next year too.
He says the new industry does put a strain on local services like law enforcement and the hospital. Werner says he would like to see a tax on wind energy to create a permanent source of funding for counties.