Wind River tribes sign temporary trash contract

Dec 31, 2012

The tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation have signed a six-month temporary contract with Fremont County to continue solid waste disposal services there. The previous contract expired earlier this month.

 This summer, Fremont County began staffing rural waste transfer stations in the county, which now only accept waste during certain hours. Residents pay a tipping fee to cover the costs of landfilling the waste. However, the county did not have the jurisdiction to staff stations or charge fees on the Reservation without a new contract allowing it to do so, and the tribes balked at paying disposal fees to the county.

 Fremont County Solid Waste Superintendent Andy Frey says under the temporary contract, the tribes will staff the transfer stations themselves, and the county will waive the disposal fees for card-carrying members of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. He says it’s a decent compromise.

 “Since the tribes are offering to staff the sites, they have a financial investment in it, so it will offset the missed disposal fees at these sites.”

 Frey says the tribes are still looking into a long-term plan for running the transfer stations on the Reservation.

Credit Wind River Reservation