Wind tax bill heads for final vote in the House

Cheyenne, WY – The Wyoming House continues to work on a bill that sets up a taxing structure for wind energy. It's part of a package of bills that aim to develop a wind energy policy. The tax issue has become controversial because some in the wind industry do not think an excise tax is needed. House Revenue Committee Chairman Pete Anderson says the key is to develop a fair tax, which is why they don't plan to implement it until 2012.
"Now we have to arrive at what is that? It will take us a year or more to get anything concrete and then it will be an ongoing discussion from then on I am sure. Much as the way the other energy policies have been done."
While some want a study before a tax rate is decided, Anderson says it is important that the wind industry know that a tax is coming. The House will cast a deciding vote on the bill Thursday. If it passes the bill would move to the state Senate.