WOC Has Concerns Over Atlantic Rim

Rawlins, Wy – The Bureau of Land Management is touting its final decision of a coalbed methane project in Carbon County. The B-L-M says the Atlantic Rim project will heat nearly 20 million homes a year and should generate over six billion dollars in royalties while at the same time offering protections for wildlife and reduced impacts to the drilling area. The Wyoming Outdoor Council's Steve Jones thinks the B-L-M has done some things that will help the environment, but he is disappointed that the B-L-M shows little concern over some mud pots that have appeared in the area. The B-L-M says it will address the mud pots later, if necessary. Jones adds that methane is apparently spouting into the air and thinks that problem should also be addressed. Drilling in the area should last for about 20 years. The BLM says it worked with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department