Wolf Compensation Fund To Evolve

Laramie, WY – The conservation group that has been compensating livestock producers for animals killed by wolves has now spent 300 thousand dollars on the program. Defenders of Wildlife Vice President of Species Conservation Nina Sasseon says they started the compensation trust in 1987 to put their money where their mouth was. One complaint about the program is that there are cases of animals disappearing that were mostly likely killed by wolves, but there's no proof. Sasseon says a recent study indicates for every animal confirmed to be killed by wolves, there are a couple that disappear and wolf predation can't be proven. She says her group is working with ranchers on how their fund could evolve to address that concern. Sasseon says they also are considering ways to help livestock producers be proactive. She says they may set up a program to share the cost of guard dogs and electric fences that could be used to protect cows and sheep.