Wolf Compromise Will Take Time

Jackson, Wy – Just because Wyoming and the federal
government have reached a compromise that would allow the state to
take over wolf management within its borders does NOT mean that
that's going to be happening any time soon.
Mitch King is regional director for the U-S Fish and Wildlife
Service. He says there are several hurdles to clear -- including a
series of public meetings.
Part of the proposal would enable states to kill wolves if it's
scientifically determined that the animals are taking a heavy toll
on other wildlife, such as elk. The proposed federal rule is
expected to be released within weeks, and that's going to require a
process in itself.
Meanwhile, there's the possibility that Wyoming's compromise
with the Fish and Wildlife Service will prompt lawsuits from
environmental groups.
The federal government could propose removing wolves from
Endangered Species Act protection as soon as early next year. But
any lawsuits that are filed could draw out that process for years
to come.