Wolf E-Mails Cause Stir

Cheyenne, WY – A conservation group from Wyoming announced this week they want a formal investigation into why one of their member's e-mail address ended up in the hands of anti wolf activists. Earlier this month a member of the Predator Conservation Alliance wrote to the legislature's wildlife committee urging it to adopt a better wolf management plan. One member of the committee, Senator Bruce Burns passed the e-mail address on to an anti wolf activist named Robert Fanning. That man then wrote several intimidating e-mails to the member talking about rape and guns. Senator Bruce Burns from Sheridan admits he passed Mia MacDonald's e-mail on to the anti wolf activist. He says was frustrated by fanaticism on both sides of the issue. Representative Mike Baker, the chair of the wildlife committee says he will not investigate this incident but says it is a reminder to lawmakers to use caution. The governor says he does not have the jurisdiction or desire to look into this matter. An official with the Predator Conservation Alliance says they just want to make sure it doesn't happen again.