Wolf Management Funding Still An Issue

Cheyenne, WY – As the Wyoming legislature tried to figure out what to do next over the wolf issue, there's another potential problem looming on the horizon. Last week, the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service Director met with legislative leaders and Governor Dave Freudenthal. The main topic was how the two sides could reach a compromise over Wyoming's wolf management plan in order to remove the species from the Endangered Species list. But Freudenthal also asked about who would pay for wolf management. He says the response was if the species is de-listed, U.S.F.W.S. officials would be happy to talk to state officials about funding. Freudenthal says that's not negotiation, it's capitulation. If the Wyoming House and Senate adopt legislation that yields to the federal requests, Freudenthal says he will consider signing the bill. But he is not yet making a commitment either way.