Wolf Numbers Grow

Billings, Montana – The wolf population is growing in Wyoming
and neighboring states and ranchers say they will have to band
together to protect their interests against potentially harmful
environmental regulations.
The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service reports that the population of
wolves in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is now exceeds 12-hundred-60.
That represents about a 20-percent increase over last year.
The state of Wyoming is in court against the federal government.
The state wants to classify wolves as predators that could be shot
on sight in most areas.
The Wyoming Stock Growers Association and the Wyoming Wool
Growers Association held a joint meeting in Casper on Tuesday.
Several ranchers there said wolves are spreading over the state and
posing a threat to their operations.
Members also said they're concerned about the possibility that
the sage grouse could be listed as threatened or endangered under
the federal Endangered Species Act. They said such a listing could
restrict their operations.