Wolf Numbers Grow

Jackson, Wy – The number of wolves in Montana, Idaho
and Wyoming continues to grow, with federal officials saying the
three states had at least 13-hundred wolves at the end of 2006.
Ed Bangs is wolf recovery coordinator for the U-S Fish and
Wildlife Service. He says he can't see room for any more -- but he
adds, "We'll see."
The wolf population has, on average, grown by about 26 percent a
year for the past decade. The reports of livestock being killed by
wolves have also increased, along with the number of wolves killed
after livestock attacks.
The latest federal report says there are at least 316 wolves in
Montana, 311 in Wyoming and 673 in Idaho.
Bangs says the wolf population will eventually level off, and
will likely decrease once state agencies take over management of
the predators.