Wolf plan draws interest in Jackson

May 29, 2013

A Jackson meeting last night drew 70 people, who showed up to comment on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's latest plan to manage wolves.

It was the biggest turnout so far for eight meetings being held across the state to take comment on plans to cut wolf-hunting quotas. Rancher Glenn Taylor echoed the feelings of many ranchers and hunters in the room.   

"My message is, we need to manage the wolves.

Game and Fish is on the right track. Quota is not enough, but management is the key," said Taylor.

State officials are proposing cutting the quota in half, dropping it from 52 wolves, down to 26 in the trophy game area.   Unlimited killing will still be allowed across the state.  But officials want to make sure they maintain enough wolves to avoid the federal government stepping back in and taking control.

Conservationists supported dropping the quota, but wanted to see numbers cut even more near national parks and places popular with wildlife watchers. They said the state needs to value visitors, who come spend money to view wildlife, especially wolves.

Game and Fish is accepting public comment on the proposal June 12.