Wolverine decision reveals endangered species backlog

Laramie, WY – A decision by the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service today to give wolverines what's called "warranted but precluded" status under the Endangered Species Act is part of a developing trend. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay explains

The Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that wolverines deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act, but they won't receive it for now because there are other species that are considered higher priority. Sage grouse received this same designation earlier this year --and Shawn Sartorius with the Fish and Wildlife Service says that will be the case for other species in the near future, because there is a backlog of species deserving protection, but there are not enough resources to go around.
"We are working to remove that backlog and we are making progress in that direction but it's going to be several years before we get to many of the species on that candidate list."
There are currently about 250 species on this list of deserving but unprotected species. Each is given a priority ranking. Wolverines and sage grouse received the same rank, falling in the middle of the pack. For Wyoming Public Radio I'm Renny MacKay.