Woman rescued in Grand Teton donates to search and rescue

Jackson, WY – A woman who was rescued in the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park has donated $25,000 to support further rescue efforts in Grand Teton. Chief Park Ranger Andy Fisher says Carole Hays was rescued from Death Canyon after becoming dehydrated on a hiking trip. Her donation will help establish a "friends group" to give extra support to Grand Teton's search and rescue program.

Fisher explains says the friends group would help with items not in the program's budget: "You know there's a lot of stuff that it's the responsibility of the government to do.... to provide the wages and salaries for those employees providing search and rescue. But there are other additional things that if wishes were pigs, and we could say this would be great if we could get this auxiliary training, can we send this group of rangers that normally isn't in the budget, we would love to do it."

Fisher says the Friends Group will also be a way for other donors to support search and rescue in Grand Teton.