Women owned Wyoming firms thrive

Laramie, WY – A recent report based on census statistics indicate that women-owned firms across the nation are growing and that the economic growth of those firms are well beyond what was originally suspected,especially in Wyoming.
The report, authored by American Express Researcher Julie Weeks, says that compared to the rest of the country, the number of women-owned businesses in Wyoming have grown 56-percent over the last 14 years. That's compared to 50% nationally. Weeks adds that those firms are also making money.
"But what's even more striking is that the growth in the revenue of women-owned firms in Wyoming over that 14 year period from 97 to 2011has been 170% compared to 53% nationally, which ranks Wyoming first in the nation in terms of the revenue growth of women-owned firms."
However, despite that Wyoming women owned businesses may be leading the nation in revenue growth, the state still ranks dead last in gender wage disparity: with women making approximately 64-cents to every dollar that men earn.