Women Swell Community Colleges, Men Forgoing Degrees

Cheyenne, WY – Officials say job opportunities in the oil
patch are keeping many Wyoming men from seeking college degrees. Jim Rose is director of the Wyoming Community College
Commission. He says the job market is a major reason why more women than men attend community colleges in the state. Rose says there are a lot of jobs open that demand physical labor. He says men can earn good money in the oil and gas
industries tackling jobs that women often don't seek. Women made up 58 percent of the of the overall enrollment at the
state's seven public community colleges in the 2005-2006 school year. Tex Boggs is president of Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs. He also says the ongoing energy boom is drawing some
men away from the classroom. Boggs says that so many young men are making up to 40 dollars an hour that they're not going to college right away.