Worst of Flu Season Still Ahead?

Laramie, Wy – The Centers for Disease Control changed the level of flu activity in Wyoming from sporadic to local activity. State Health Officer, Brent Sherard, says this is a natural progression and just means there's more significant activity. Sherard also notes the flu season in Wyoming usually peaks in February, so the worst months might still lie ahead.
Last year the flu season peaked in November. Sherard says people should still try and get a vaccine if there are any available. He also says people should practice good personal hygiene habits to stay healthy.
Meanwhile, the Wyoming Department of Health is looking into an outbreak of the flu at a Casper nursing home. About 20 residents of the home ended up getting sick and many had received flu shots.
Doctor Sherard, says part of the reason for that might be the fact that this year's vaccine does not match up exactly with the flu virus going around, but it's also true that people living in a nursing home do not have the strongest immune systems and the vaccine might not work for them.
Sherard says there are no new cases at the nursing home now. He also notes the vaccine should work for healthy seniors.