WPM Oral History Recording Sessions at the Wyoming State Fair

Aug 6, 2012

While you’re in Douglas enjoyin’ the 100th Anniversary of the Wyoming State Fair, we hope you’ll plan to sit down for a spell and share a story or two with us!

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What we’re up to...
oral history recording sessions.

How long will this take?
about 20 or 30 minutes

Where will I find you?
Sign up- in front of Pioneer Cabin
Recording- Museum Library

When should I be there?
Set up an appointment before August 10th - or stop by at the fair on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see what times are available.

What’s next?
We’ll provide a copy of the recording to you. With your permission, we’ll share it with the WY State History Museum and post it on Wyoming Public Media’s website.

Please consider this opportunity to partner with WPM, The Wyoming Centennial
Farm and Ranch Program, and WSGA as we create an archive of Wyoming
voices and wisdom for future generations. Sign up here