WPR To Broadcast Debates Sunday-Monday

Casper, Wy – Wyoming Public Radio, Wyoming Public
Television and K-TWO-T-V are giving Wyoming voters a chance to see
candidates in the top state races.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is the first of three days of live debates.
Republican Congresswoman Barbara Cubin will meet Democrat Gary
Trauner at seven tomorrow (Sunday) night in a debate carried live
on the state's public broadcasting networks. Senator Craig Thomas
and Dale Groutage will meet earlier in a debate that will be
broadcast after the House debate.
Monday night will feature the races for governor and
superintendent of public instruction. On Tuesday night, candidates
for treasurer and auditor will square off.
Debates will be moderated by Geoff O'Gara of Wyoming Public
Television, Bob Beck and Renny MacKay of Wyoming Public Radio and
Amy Miller of K-TWO.
All of the debates will be broadcast live on Wyoming Public
Radio and Wyoming Public Television.