WY Appeals BATF Ruling on Gun Rights, Domestic Violence

Cheyenne, WY – The state of Wyoming is back in court
against the federal agency that enforces gun laws. The state filed papers in the federal appeals court in Denver this week. The state is arguing that the federal government was wrong to reject a state law that seeks to allow people convicted of
misdemeanor domestic violence charges to regain their firearms rights in the state courts. The state is appealing a ruling this May by U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson of Cheyenne. Johnson ruled against the state's claim that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives arbitrarily had rejected the 2004 state law. The federal agency had warned Wyoming that if it continued to
allow people with such domestic violence convictions to buy guns, that the agency would no longer recognize more than 10,000
concealed carry permits issued by the state as a substitute for federal background checks for firearms purchases. Congress in 1996 expanded the law that bans convicted felons from owning guns to apply to people convicted of misdemeanor
domestic violence.