WY Dems Will Not Move Up Their Primary

Laramie, WY – Wyoming Democrats say they're not impressed with the GOP's decision to move its 2008 presidential caucus to early January.

Wyoming Republicans challenged political tradition when they pushed their presidential caucus to January 5th last Saturday. The move will likely force political powerhouses like Iowa and New Hampshire to make a decision: flirt with dates in late 2007, or lose their place atop the primary calendar.

Meanwhile, the Wyoming Democratic Party wants nothing to do with this political jockeying. Spokesman Bill Luckett says his party's caucus will stay right where it is on March 8th, more than a month after so-called Super Duper Tuesday when many states across the country will cast their initial votes.

"There's a chance someone comes out of that with the majority, with enough votes to win the nomination right there. But there is also a chance they don't, in which case the nomination will still be up for grabs and the eyes of the nation will turn to Wyoming when we have our caucuses," Luckett said.

Luckett says the party won't sacrifice delegates to the 2008 national convention in Denver by breaking national party thresholds on caucus and primary dates.