WY House works on language for bill about concealed gun carry in schools

Jan 31, 2013

Credit WPR

The Wyoming House of Representatives continues working on a bill that would allow concealed weapons in Wyoming schools and colleges.  It would only apply to people who have permits to carry concealed guns.  Casper Representative Steve Harshman successfully amended the bill to say that only permanent employees of a school district who hold a concealed carry permit may carry a concealed firearm within a school district building and they must notify administrators.  The amendment also made it clear that K-12 students shall not carry concealed firearms.  The district superintendent will also inform law enforcement which school employees have weapons.  Bill Sponsor Allen Jaggi objects to the changes.

“And we are putting conditions on and more conditions and little by little are we gonna just condition ourselves out , so we are back where we don’t have those rights,” says Jaggi.

However, many Representatives say the amendment makes them more comfortable with the bill.  It will be voted on for a final time on Friday.