WY Senate approves Medicaid fraud bill

Jan 23, 2013

The State Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would allow the State of Wyoming to investigate those suspected of Medicaid fraud.  Currently, the state can only launch such an investigation with federal approval.  Senator Ray Peterson of Cowley says that the state believes it could recover millions in fraud if the legislation is approved. 

“It would basically free up our hands to go after those claims that perhaps the federals didn’t think was worthwhile.  And it gives the judges and courts a little more leeway to go after these fines that we want to impose if there is fraud or fraudulent claims.  As well as the criminal intent, which is somewhat the teeth of the thing, trying to get rid of the bad apples, repeat offenders,” said Peterson.

Peterson hopes the scrutiny the state is giving Medicaid will convince the House to support the bill.  House members have previously killed the bill.