Wyo House agrees to school recalibration measure

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The legislature is one step away from passing a school funding measure and sending it to the governor. The House on Tuesday agreed to a compromise that centers on two issues. One is classroom size, and the other is whether the state should continue to pay for all school transportation costs, such as bussing.

House Education Chairman Matt Teeters says it was a true compromise. "We ended up giving up our transportation amendment for classroom size, that was our compromise," he said. "So if you recall, in the transportation amendment we were going to reimburse 100 percent of the previous year and anything above that we would pay for half of the increase. So, we gave that up for a classroom size of 16 to 1 in Kindergarten through 3rd grade."

Teeters says that classroom sizes of 16 will begin this fall. And he says education should be provided in a more cost-effective way. The Senate must agree to the compromise before it goes to Governor Matt Mead for his signature.