Wyo. making progress in battle against meth

Cheyenne, WY – State health and law enforcement officials
say Wyoming is making progress in its fight against
The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation reports that
methamphetamine investigations have fallen since 2005. In addition,
cases involving clandestine meth laboratories in Wyoming have
declined from a high of 60 labs in 2002 to just six labs in 2006.
The state Health Department reports fewer cases where clients
listed meth as their primary drug of choice and fewer high
schoolers trying the drug.
Meantime, efforts to fight meth will continue. The state is
participating a new anti-meth campaign coordinated through the
White House Office of National Drug Control to raise awareness
about the dangers of meth and provide information about meth
And while progress has been made in fighting meth, officials
says other drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, are a growing