WyoFile investigator tells WPR about “accounting irregularities” related to Two Elk project

Apr 19, 2013

Credit WyoFile.com

Wyoming Public Radio News reported earlier this month that the Two Elk Energy Park received its seventh permit-extension. The billion-dollar project was approved 16 years ago – intended to generate power from low-grade coal in the Powder River Basin – but it has never been built. The Two Elk project is a subsidiary of the Colorado-based North American Power Group, which cited the recession and legal challenges for the delays.

This week, however, WyoFile published a special report revealing that a federal stimulus to drill a research well to determine whether the Two Elk Site had potential for CO2 storage was suspended last January because of accounting irregularities, and more than $1 million have gone to pay salaries to businessmen leading the project, one of whom is Senator Mike Enzi’s son Brad. The project has been referred to a U.S. Attorney for Review. WyoFile co-founder Rone Tempest filed the report, and joins Rebecca Martinez on the phone from his home in Lander.