Wyoming Bridges Ok

Washington D-C – After yesterday's (Wednesday's) collapse of an interstate highway bridge in Minnesota, many are wondering how
Wyoming's bridges measure up.
And for the most part, the news is good.
According to the Federal Highway Administration, about 13
percent of Wyoming's bridges are structurally deficient. The bridge
that collapsed in Minnesota also was deemed to be structurally
But 13 percent is pretty close to the national average.
And in another category, Wyoming fared better. Only eight
percent of the state's bridges were deemed to be functionally
obsolete, which means they weren't built for modern traffic needs
and conditions. Nationally, about 13 percent of bridges fall into
that category.
But a lot depends on where you are, even in Wyoming. Only one
bridge out of 37 in Hot Springs County is structurally deficient.
But in Weston county, almost one third of the bridges -- 16 out of
49 -- are structurally deficient.