Wyoming Claims Third Place In Nations Divorce Rates

LARAMIE, wyo – A University of Wyoming professor says the feeling of isolation may be a contributing factor to the state's high divorce rate. That insight comes after Wyoming was ranked third in the nation for divorces and annulments.

The census data shows that, on average, just over 5 people per thousand in the state divorced or annulled their marriages between December 2008 and November 2009.

U-W professor Jane Warren says that because Wyoming lacks resources like entertainment and a large populations to interact and connect with, couples in Wyoming face more pressure than couples in metropolitan places like Boston.

"Whereas they're just two people alone in the world, sometimes it's hard to meet each others needs completely," says Warren. "So it's too much demand for the resources available on the relationship."

Nationally, the average rate for divorce is just under 4 people per thousand. Wyoming only trails Nevada and Arkansas in divorce rates.