Wyoming Committee Looks At Healthcare

CHEYENNE, wyo – The Wyoming Senate Judiciary committee is trying to determine the best way to handle a pair of proposed health care resolutions that would put health care decisions in the hands of the public.
The measures would attempt to amend the Wyoming constitution. One bill keeps the federal government from requiring that citizens carry health insurance. The other says that most health care decisions will be left in the hands of citizens.
But Committee Chairman Drew Perkins of Casper says such things are tricky

"If you have freedom to choose health care, there's a lot of issues that comes with that. Everything from abortion to assisted suicide," says Perkins. "Are we gonna license physicians and what are we going to do with the insurance industry. So yes, we gotta get it right."

Still Perkins wants these topics to be debated by the full legislature. He will ask the committee to either vote on both bills or a measure that combines the concepts. That vote is scheduled for Wednesday.