Wyoming Congressional delegation opposes legislation that would reveal fracking chemicals

May 13, 2013

Congress is looking legislation that would require the oil and gas industry to disclose what chemicals are used in hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” 

The bill, called the FRAC Act, is opposed by Wyoming lawmakers who say such regulations should be left up to the states.  Companies say fracking chemicals need to remain under-wraps because the mixtures they use are trade secrets. 

Brad Powell with Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development says the legislation would set minimum baseline standards for impacts on water.

"We just think it's just common sense to take care of the water, to ensure that chemicals that are used on public lands are known by people that live in the communities."

Despite the fact that Wyoming is viewed as being the leader in setting fracking standards, Powell says it’s better to have federal regulations, because that would set uniform standards.

“The states have a wide range of interpretations of how the hydraulic fracturing should be managed. And those regulations are continuing to be updated and changed."

Powell is planning a trip to Washington to get support for the legislation.  Wyoming’s Congressional delegation opposes the legislation and says such issues are better left to the states.