Wyoming could be at risk of fire until snowpack develops

Sep 5, 2012

The National Weather Service says Wyoming might not see relief from drought and fire danger until it starts snowing.

For much of the summer, the NWS has issued “Red Flag Warnings” across the state.

NWS Forecaster Paul Skrbac says these warnings mean that low humidity and heavy winds make it even easier for dry plant matter to catch fire.

“It’s not gonna take much, whether it’s a man-caused campfire, or anything that happens that creates a spark, gets a fire going… It’s going to have potential to erupt and develop quickly when everything is so dry. And thus, the Red Flag Warnings.”

Skrbac says weather might cool down later this week, but the heat will likely return this weekend.

Skrbac says developing snowpack will be what keeps the red flags at bay. He says the western mountains will probably see snow by the end of September, and the rest of the state should hope for flurries in early October.