Wyoming Democrat David Wendt does like a lot of the health care overhaul law.

Jackson, WY – Health care is a major issue for voters this election season and a candidate for the U-S House of Representatives says much more needs to be done to address health care needs nationwide. But Democrat David Wendt says the recent health care overhaul is a good start. "I think that the existing reform is a real breakthrough long overdue, forty years overdue really, in terms of the time that has passed since any major health reform. So we needed to get into it, but as far as further reforms, why that's really an issue of what's feasible in the United States congress and I'll have to test the waters on that."
Representative Cynthia Lummis has been outspoken in her opposition to the health care law. Wendt points out that Wyoming has unique health care needs, as a rural state, and that federal reform will need to be tailored to the state's needs. If elected, he hopes to focus on affordability and also on limiting damages in medical malpractice cases.