Wyoming Democrats energized by the DNC

Sep 6, 2012

Wyoming delegates to the Democratic National Convention say they are getting re-invigorated about a number of issues ranging from equality to health care. 

Laramie Businesswoman and former Mayor Jodi Guerin says the discussions she’s heard about the Affordable Care Act have her more enthusiastic about the law.  She notes that Republicans keep saying they want to retool the law, but she doubts their sincerity.

“They had lots of time to make it better and they never did.  It’s never been a priority for the Republican Party and we need to keep moving.  The idea that people can’t get health care coverage when they have a pre-existing condition…that’s not an American value.  I can’t tell you how upset it makes me.”

Another delegate, Ana Cupril of Pinedale says it became even more clear to her this week how important this election is.  She says even at the basic level, when Republican candidate Mitt Romney was talking about people taking care of their own problems, she was pleased to note that President Obama is more like her friends and neighbors.

“I have a candidate in President Obama who offers to be there for folks when they really do need the help.  And make sure that safety met that is available there and has been there for so many years, will continue to be there.  And I know those are the kind of neighbors I have in Pinedale, Wyoming and that’s the kind of President I want leading this country.”

The Wyoming delegates say that Democrats from other states have encouraged them to keep battling, despite the fact that Wyoming is a heavily Republican state.  The Wyoming Democrats say that it’s important to articulate that while they might see the world differently from Republicans, that their values are Wyoming values.