Wyoming Discusses Next Move In Wolf Case

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal admits he was surprised that a Montana judge decided to place wolves from Wyoming, Montana and Idaho back on the endangered species list. The Governor says state officials are discussing whether they should push for a hearing on whether U-S Fish and Wildlife had enough science to remove wolves from the endangered list or whether they should appeal the ruling.
At a news conference Freudenthal did not say whether or not he was optimistic about getting the wolves back off the endangered species list "For as long as we've been at this one is neither optimistic or pessimistic, just determined." I mean you gotta remember this thing was presented to me the first few days before we were sworn in so we've been livin with this for a long time. Freudenthal notes that if they appeal the judge's ruling, it could take longer than a year for the case to be heard.