Wyoming does better then average on PAWS

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming third- through eighth-graders and eleventh graders scored only marginally better overall this year on state reading, math, writing, and science exams. The state Department of Education released its yearly Proficiency Assessment of Wyoming students testing results. On average, about 60 percent of all students scored proficient or better in the four major subject areas. Last year it was about 59 percent. State superintendent Jim McBride says they wish the results had been better this year, but he's optimistic. "There's no question that we're improving. Using the data we have, what we need to do is focus on specific areas and specific schools because the story's different in every school."
On average, science and writing scores improved this year, while math and reading scores declined. Among the lowest proficiency areas were eighth grade science, and fourth grade writing. Over half of those students failed to reach proficiency levels.