Wyoming Faces Boycott

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming's policy of allowing wolves to be
shot on sight in most of the state is prompting a call in the cyber
world to boycott the state and its tourism industry.
Vicky Frangos is a former resident of Billings, Mont., who now
lives in Santa Clarita, Calif. She has proposed the Wyoming boycott
on a Web site concerned with Yellowstone issues.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed gray wolves in the
Northern Rockies from federal protection on March 28. Since then,
at least six wolves have been shot in Wyoming.
Diane Shober, director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism, said
her agency has received some calls from people upset over the
recent wolf shootings.
But Shober says her office has received hundreds of thousands of
requests for information from people interested in visiting the
state. She says that international travel is going up because of
the falling value of the dollar.