Wyoming, Feds Agree on Wolf Proposal

Laramie, WY – The federal government and Wyoming have come to an agreement on wolves, breaking a long stalemate between the two sides. The federal Fish and Wildlife Service worked with others to meld together Wyoming's old wolf plan and new wolf legislation that the legislature passed this year. The result could allow Wyoming to be included in the process of taking wolves off the endangered species list. Governor Dave Freudenthal says he will not withdraw the state's lawsuit over wolves, but he's optimistic that this new plan will work out. "Essentially all the parties have reserved their capacity to exercise whatever options they need to. But they've also engaged in a good-faith effort to move down the preferred course for everyone, which is to get us to de-listing," Freudenthal said. Freudenthal says he's still unhappy that the feds will not consider changing the boundary where wolves are allowed. But he says both sides have to give a little to get wolves de-listed.