Wyoming Finally Gets AML Money

Washington D-C – The federal government says it's
distributing more than $51 million to Wyoming as part of the Abandoned Mine Land program. And unlike in the past, Wyoming gets the money with no strings attached.
The program uses taxes on coal production to clean up abandoned mine sites and related pollution.
The $51 million is part of an $82.7-million distribution to
Wyoming as part of the federal program this year. A payment of $30
million in March is going to coal-site reclamation work.
Wyoming lawmakers have already divided up the remaining $51
million for three projects not involving reclamation.
Those are $17.4 million for the University of Wyoming School of
Energy Resources operating budget, $20 million for the School of
Energy Research to build a gasification facility and technology
center and $10 million to build a road to a planned coal-to-liquid
plant in Carbon County.