Wyoming Gets Failing Grade For Science

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming gets a failing grade for its
standards of teaching science in elementary and secondary schools.
A review released yesterday (Wednesday) by the Fordham Institute
gives Wyoming an 'F' and ranks the state number 44 out of all 50
states and Washington D-C.
Of the surrounding states, Colorado received a 'B,' Utah got a
'C,' South Dakota a 'D,' and Idaho, Montana and Nebraska all also
got 'Fs.'
Annette Bohling, deputy superintendent at the Wyoming Department
of Education, said Wyoming's grade is the result of course work
being set by local districts and not by the state. She said state
law requires local districts to determine what course work their
students will do.
Mike Petrilli of the Fordham Institute said Wyoming has not done
a good job of spelling out what it expects from students. He said
it's difficult for parents to look at the standards and know what
their children are expected to learn.