Wyoming gets funding for electronic health records

Casper, WY – Governor Matt Mead says that the federal government has accepted Wyoming's plan to exchange health records electronically across the state. Mead's Health Policy Advisor Wendy Curran says it will allow a specialist in one part of the state review the health records of someone located in a remote part of Wyoming, which in turn keeps someone from having to travel to great distances. But that is just one of the benefits.
"Reduced duplicative tests, the number of times you got to a specialist and they prescribe the same test, we avoid that. Make sure you are not prescribed something that leads to a allergic reaction and quality control to make sure you are getting the care you need and someone has not missed a critical step or critical test."
The state will get over four million dollars in federal money to implement the program. Curran says they will first develop the electronic records system for the state, but she says it eventually can be used across state lines.