Wyoming Going Forward with Lawsuit Over Wolves

Laramie, Wy – The state of Wyoming has filed notice that
it intends to sue the federal government over last month's rejection of the state's wolf management plan.
The state also plans to sue over the federal government's failure to act on the state's request to amend wolf management regulations.
Wyoming has proposed a wolf management plan that generally calls
for leaving the animals alone in Yellowstone and Grand Teton
National Parks while allowing trophy hunting for them in areas
outside the parks. The state has also proposed allowing them to be
shot on sight as predators elsewhere in the state.
Governor Dave Freudenthal said Wednesday that the state's plan satisfies the scientific obligations of the federal
Endangered Species Act.
Federal officials said last month that they can't remove wolf protection until the state sets firm limits on how many of the animals can be killed. The state is now home to an estimated 252