Wyoming GOP Puts Pressure on New Hampshire

Laramie, WY – Last week in Jackson, presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid the state some rare and much-wanted attention.

ROMENY: Wyoming really matters because you are going to have an early caucus process that will help determine the nominee of our party.

This Saturday, the GOP chose to leap frog Iowa and New Hampshire and hold its caucuses on January 5th. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has tried to limit this rush to be the first primary state. It can take away 50 percent of a state's delegates to the National Convention if caucuses are held before February 5th. GOP coordinator Tom Sansonetti says losing 14 delegates is worth the sacrifice if Wyoming will have more of a say in electing the country's next president.

SANSONETTI: Why in the heck does Iowa and New Hampshire get to chip down the field to one or two and then we are supposed to take what's left?

The GOP will invite republican hopefuls to Casper for a forum in September, something Sansonetti says no candidate would agree to if the primary stayed in March.