Wyoming groups protest rate hikes for power utility

Jan 17, 2012

Rocky Mountain Power - the utility that supplies electricity to more than 130,000 customers in Wyoming – proposed a rate increase in December.

The company wants an additional $62.8 million per year to cover upgrades and increased operating costs. The amount translates to about 9% for residential users and 12.5% for industrial users. Tuesday was the deadline to submit public comments and petitions against the rate increase. Robert Pomeroy represents Wyoming Industrial Energy Consumers. That group has requested to be involved in the hearing against Rocky Mountain Power.

Pomeroy says the hikes are unsustainable.

"We need to get to the bottom of why these costs are as high as they are, what the cost effectiveness is of all the investments that have been made, whether these investments truly are absolutely necessary and the facilities that are associated with them are truly used and useful for the customers of the state of Wyoming."The Public Service Commission will review the proposal and opposing parties’ comments. A final decision should be announced by October.