Wyoming Guard Members Back Home

Laramie, Wy – Fifty-seven members of the Wyoming Army
National Guard returned home last night after an eleven-month
mission to the Middle East.
It was a cold evening in Cheyenne, but Kristin Sierocki didn't
seem to notice.
She was waiting for her father to return from Kuwait, where he
was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
She said the waiting was the hardest part.
But Staff Sergeant John Sierocki and the other 56 soldiers with
the 115th Field Artillery Brigade eventually stepped off a plane at
the Army Guard's headquarters in Cheyenne.
More than 100 family members and friends huddled in the frigid
weather waving flags and homemade banners.
Governor Freudenthal said that not a single person in the unit
was injured or lost during the mission, and he says luckily they
were able to make it back in time for the holidays.
Freudenthal said it's hard to describe the joy felt by the